Hats for Kat

As I think I said before, my friend Kat needs some things knitted up for her photography business… so tonight I worked on some hats… she chose the yarn (fun bulky brown yarn with a variegated twist of blue/green/beige)… I knitted these up with size 11 needles… this top one has a straight top, no […]

D’s new shirt!

is from C’s old shirt!He’s asleep, so I can’t try it on him, but I’m super pleased with it!


I saw 2 really awesome tutorials in my google reader today, and while I don’t usually link to other people’s stuff here, I am going to today. Purely selfishly, since I want to be able to find these again! first, I saw these awesome flowers: tutorial here then I saw this awesome tute on how […]

modeling her sweaters…

So here’s the Bean in the sweater dresses I made for her… they’ve been keeping her nice and toasty, and she’s been looking awfully cute in them! (she has a very unique sense of style, even at only 15 months)

I’m quilting along…

I decided to participate in the quilt along over at Modify Tradition…My personal rule for it is that I can only use scrap fabric, but I’ve decided to use the red from the thriftstore in every block to unify it a teensy bit…so here’re the blocks so far.Broken Dishes:Eight Hands Around:(I messed this one up, […]

finally done!

I’ve been working on these for a while, but not consistantly, just in off moments…I had enough fabric to make 2, so I guess one is for D and one for the bean, for Vday… the red fabric is from my Gram’s stash… some sort of wool-poly blend, I’m guessing… (the lining is some clearance […]

what I’m up to…

The kiddos have been sick, and have gotten me sick, and my mom’s been in town, so I haven’t done much crafting… just a bit of crochet here and there… I’ve joined 3 bees though, so I’m super psyched to get cracking, plus I’ve decided to join the quilt along over at Modify Tradition…. tonight […]

I’ve been busy!

I made all these blankets for the boys of a friend of mine (3 double flannel, 1 flannel/fleece, and 2 hemmed flannel…lots of long straight lines.) and here’s more of the thrifted fabric I got yesterday…I love this print! soooo fun (and stain-hiding!). It was marked 2 yards/$2, but felt very thick… I took it […]

more sweaters…

Here’re the other two… the sleeves of this one became these pants (not sure what to do with the rest of it yet… maybe some hats? (the back is solid like the sleeves) and this amazing bit of cashmere is still untouched. after the debacle of the orange sweater-to-pants, I’m not ready to cut cavalierly […]

Wardrobe Refashioning for the Bean

As I mentioned earlier, I had fun at the thrift store yesterday… I bought 3 wool sweaters to make soaker longies for the Bean. typically, at least for me, things did NOT go as planned. I started with this sweater, and cut the arms/neck off to make into pants… I refused to photograph the 3 […]