we just had the YUMMIEST dinner!

Ramona’s So-Easy-So-Fast Turkey Meatballs Ingredients 2 packages ground turkey from Costco (they come in sets of 4) 2 eggs (big ones, from my chickens, so probably 3 medium?) 1 yellow onion, minced 3 big cloves of garlic, minced 3 big pieces of bread (I used sourdough, from Costco), crumbed in food processor ¼ cup minced […]


I just found a bunch of photos of gifts I never posted…I made two of these ridiculously easy baby dresses for the daughters of friends…I don’t remember where I got the tute, but search bandana dress tutorial….

The boy version…

I just finished the top and backing. I copied the center square, and then used “boy” colors for the borders and the back. I’m gonna quilt it like the “girl” version. Not sure which I love more.Sooo pleased.

Layout choices…

I just whipped out these 2 valentine-y messenger bags. I can’t decide what decorations to put on the flaps. Can’t cut fabrics till I decide, since these hearts are different sizes… Suggestions?

baby quilts!

I finished it!here’s the front…and the back…I decided to grade the saturation on the back (like we did for the 1/2 square triangles on the front), rather that just use white.i LOVE it.I quilted it with double diagonal lines, by drawing lines through the points, then lining up my quilting/1/4″ foot on the line, and […]

Heart-skippy happy

I think I got that phrase from Lucy, over at Attic24… anyway, everytime I look at the blooming going on in the front yard, that’s the phrase that comes to mind… our little lemon tree is EXPLODING with little tiny lemons! there are over 20 golf-ball or larger ones on a tree that’s not even […]

nightly update!

Here’s my crocheted blanket so far…. 3 down, 7 in progress, 134 to go! but hey, I’m ahead of my goal of 1/week! And I’m loving the colors/pattern. I can’t wait to use up what I’ve dyed so far so I can dye more! And I bordered the baby quilt… It’s a solid red, then […]