Bags n babies

D and I stopped by the new Daiso Japan store in Torrance last week. they have cute little metal clasp frames for $1.50, so I bought one and tried it out. I suck at glueing. and next time I’ll make my own shape (less pear-y), but this time I followed the pattern that comes with […]

Appliqué and thimbling

I <3 Interlibrary Loan! After buying my Thimblelady thimble a few weeks ago, and loving it, I used ILL to order her quilting and applique books… I read through the Applique book today, and then practiced this butterfly…. Not bad for my first attempt, right? I started with practice butterfly #5 of 20 (sequenced in order of […]


The kiddos and I are sorting through that giant bin o’ stuff. So far I have a bias bin, a ribbon bin, and a piping/hem tape bin. Hopefully I can figure out how to get it a little more organized.

Amazing invention!

The THIMBLE!I’ve never used one before. Clearly, as they’ve been around for hundreds of tees, I’m late drinking the koolaid, but OMG they’re amazing!!! I have tried them before on my thumb or index finger, but it turns out they go on your middle finger. I was able to FINISH 2.5 sides of my quilt […]