Built like a ROCK.

Before Cleaning: Excitement! TADA!!!! Once I pieced the block (as a test of the motor/power supply), I sat down at the computer, and tried to find out when/who made this powerhouse of a machine. So far, my research shows (according to the label on the motor) that even though she is “badged” World’s Rotary,” she’s […]

My first western shirt!

I finished the shirt for my dad! I need to work on snap placement/installation, but it’s totally wearable, and it IS just a muslin, after all! I’m pretty pleased with it. I think I might need my own, with pretty embroidery… I’m psyched, especially about the pretty snaps. I used the Dritz #16P Pliers with […]

A shirt for my dad…

Ok, so we have 2 big dogs… our XL dog door cost over a hundred dollars, and the flap ripped within 6 months… supposedly that’s just what happens. So I found a tute on the internet showing how to make your own dog door using various wooden things and then cutting down a car floor […]

My new ironing board!

My ironing board was sooooo dirty (old example with quilt blocks), so I ripped it apart (and saved the edge), got some insul-bright and some silver “ironing board cover” fabric, and put it all together. It’s awesome. Soooo sooo awesome.

National quilting day!

In honor of NQD, I’m going to do the following:Appreciate the quilts on my bedGo check out a new fabric store with my kiddos (just looking. Max of $10 to spend)Recover my ironing boardDo this week’s modify tradition quilt along blockSTART QUILTING my “piepan” quilt! Perhaps my list is overly ambitious.Maybe I should just do […]

Yesterday was productive:

Two shirts for D (more onesie-collars. I can get 1short sleeve and 1 long sleeve out of 1 yd jersey, so at $2.69/yd, these are awesomely cheap shirts. This green print has small racecars all over. D found it himself, and loves it)I also took an old stretched out waistband off one of my gram’s […]

Utility sewing

The slupcover on the sofa on our back patio was ripped to shreds on the seat, so I grabbed a remnant canvas piece that sorta matched, pinned, and zigzagged it on. It’s not my best sewing, but the dogs are always on this sofa, and they don’t care about puckers!