Spring Top, more animals, more roses

I whipped this sucker out in 2 hours tonight. LOVE IT. I used the pattern from the new issue of STITCH magazine (though I tweaked it a bit)… the turquoise is a rayon/spandex tissue jersey remnant from Joanns, and the eyelet is an AMAZING silk cotton from Mood. (I treated myself to a stop there […]

toys for D

as I put D to bed last night, he informed me that I needed to “stay up and make me a felt Harper and some mice for my felt kitty”uh… ok.so here are the mice I made, (on a 1″x1″ grid, so you can see how tiny they are)and the puppy I made…and I used […]

Wet felted Easter eggs…

I was clearly overly ambitious. My plans were to knock out 18 of thesetonight… I did 6. Will start earlier tomorrow night… (based on the tutorial found here)