or maybe just 39?

My kids are lucky enough to go to school here, in Abalone Cove, at thePortuguese Bend Nursery School (Beach School). It is a parent participation school, (aka co-op), and its IN THE SAND ON THE BEACH.  crazy cool. Anyway, we try to be green, and this year we’re eradicating our snack trash by using plastic cups, bowls, plates (we have at least a year’s worth of utensils, so we’re going to finish off those before we buy re-usable ones)…

To that end, I was asked to make each child (plus the teachers, plus a few extra in case of loss) a snack kit bag. Given our scenic location, the Pres and I chose this fishy fabric (school colors are blue and white, and then the younger class is yellow, the older class is red, so this print incorporated all the appropriate colors as well as the theme), and I got a lot of zippers (super awesome metal ones from here), and a ROLL of PUL (polyurethane laminate, used for cloth diapers, and other waterproof-fabric-needs), and some cotton webbing (the blue handles), and I went to work!

I made one for Teacher Sandy, and one for Teacher Faith:

 (in retrospect, a more contrasty color would have been a good idea. oh well)

And one for each Red Bird (like my son!) and each Yellow Bird (ditto, daughter)



It’s a little bit pretty here, right?  BTW, we are totally and completely full for the 3 year old class, but if you live in the South Bay of LA, and want a ridiculously awesome pre-school for a RIDICULOUSLY low price (like, because we’re a co-op, we’re the cheapest in the area), we DO have a spot in the Red Bird class (must be age 4 by November 2). PLEASE pass this info on to anyone who might be interested!!!!


* (Dirty Bags are what cloth-diapering people call this kind of bag, but these are very clean, I promise)