I can’t find any pictures of the original ninja (sad!), but this morning I made ninja #6…
For xmas last year, my sister suggested making her son a hooded bath towel that had ninja eyes, because my nephew was really into ninjas. So I bought some black towels, and whipped that out, but it seemed like a pretty meager gift. So I experimented a little, and used the scraps and some safety-eyes, and made a bath ninja to accompany the towel. And then D saw the testers, and fell in love, and then the bean needed one too. it’s basically a stuffed toy mixed with a washcloth, and my kids are NUTS for theirs. 
So nuts that the Bean wore hers out. so today I had to make her a new one, and so here they are, playing with their bathninjas. (that’s what they call them. bathninjas. one word.)
ninjas peeking over the tub
exploding attack
more peeking
close up of today’s ninja
the original ninja

Let me know if you want the pattern/tutorial, and I’ll try to get it done this week….