I’m not sure if this reads bohemian or Heidi, but I’m LOVING this new dress pattern…

I love flattering comments, so when Sarah posted that she loved the dress too, I offered to draft it to fit her little munchkin.

MY 2.5 year old is quite petite, so, since this dress has mucho ease and stretch, (and after comparing The Beans’s measurements to a real size chart), I drafted it to fit her torso width, but shortened it quite a bit.

I love looking at pics of her, expecially after watching America’s Next Top Model (admit it, you do to!).

she totally knows how to pose like a high fashion model…

even some of her faces are spot-on.

or maybe the secret to being a high-fashion model is to look like a 2.5 year old?

anyway, on to the important stuff: the center panel is from a fat quarter from Momen+, and the reddish stuff was in the garage. might have been my grandmothers. (I “borrowed” much of her fabric stash. Thanks, Gram!). The reason I blame her for purchasing the reddish stuff (and the reason I call it stuff, not fabric), is because it feels (and acts) HIGHLY synthetic, and I don’t buy synthetic. (Case in point, see how POOFY the hem is? that’s because it WON’T iron flat). But it was EXACTLY the right faded reddish color to match the apples (on the yellow part of the top) and the strawberries (bottom, right), so it got used. Cause I’m ALL about sewing from stash right now. (See, C, I’m USING all the fabric in the garage, I SWEAR!)

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