Ok, I’m finally getting a chance to write the stuff to go with the pics I posted yesterday! phew!
One of my bestest (yup, that’s a word) friends from college (and one of my daughter’s godfathers), is going to be a dad around the end of the summer… He’s been great at discussing dinos with my little dude, and he also gave D a FABULOUS poster copy of the Age of Reptiles mural from the Peabody Museum at Yale (which, btw, his awesome and wonderful mother restored)
so, after I dyed these onesies, I decided to use my Silhouette to test out the heat-transfer stuff, and I NEEDED to use dinos (it’s a boy baby, obvi, or I would have done pink and purple dinosaurs. because girls can like dinos too!)
It turns out, there are some REALLY COOL dinosaur dingbat fonts, so C and I chose my favorite 3, and then he made them into jpgs, and I imported them into the Silhouette software….
the machine cut the shapes really really well….
I had a really hard time getting the stuff to iron on, though…. will need to practice.
Luckily, D and the Bean are now both CLAMORING LOUDLY for dinosaur shirts….