here it is, in all it’s glory, on my daughter….

I love how forlorn she looks in this picture.
It’s because I put her down. she is big into being carried right now.

Cute, right?

oh wait, what’s this?

Of course, right when I got it on her (she was Roo to D’s Tigger all morning), it started raining. 

we live in LA, so rain is a FREAK OF NATURE, especially in May. (Like, REALLY freakish)


and by rain, since we are in LA, after all, I mean, a very light drizzle. Like, I’m standing in the drizzly part, taking pictures of my daughter, standing in front of our garage, under the over hang.

Ok, Mama, I’ll pose for you.

so not THAT rainy, but rainy enough to be COMPLETELY WEIRD.

And I’ll touch the rainy ground with my toes.
Why are you standing in the rain, Mama?

my children are SO confused by rain. we might as well live in like the Gobi or Sahara, given how bizarre they find rain. don’t get us started on thunder or snow, (they’ve never even HEARD of sleet or hail), it boggles the mind.

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