I CANNOT WAIT TILL DAYLIGHT. this dress is KILLING me with it’s cuteness.

I didn’t have enough of the blue contrast (yes, I could buy more, these fabrics are from the new line of DS Quilts from Joanns, but that’s not challenging enough) to do square pockets, so I cut my scrap into very careful and precice triangles, and I think they MIGHT be the cutest pockets EVER. Right? Especially since the PERFECTLY matched ribbon is from my Gram’s stash (yes, I CONSTANTLY “borrow” sewing stuff from her. LOVE HER!)

don’t they scream Ice Cream Cones or springy Tussie-mussie?
(why, yes, I DO read Martha Stewart, how did you know?)

The top is the same as all the peasant top dresses I’ve made lately. With elastic shirring around the collar and cuffs, because it really is faster and easier than elastic in a casing.

this is the back… you don’t get to see the front till tomorrow, with natural light, on my model…

My 1/2 yard cut is gonna be just a little too short on the Bean, so I added a contrasting strip on the bottom…

and I used my new favorite stitch, this honeycomb one, to flatten out the seam (even though it’s serged on the inside, so it’s totally redundant, I LOVE honeycombs)

full reveal of the front tomorrow, on the bean… Maybe. She just stumbled out of bed, crying from a nightmare, so I offered her the dress, to distract her. she says she doesn’t want it…. (she’s in a pink phase. red does not cut it.) Etsy store, here ya go. Maybe. we’ll see what she says in the morning. because, seriously, I want to keep this JUST for the pockets. LOVE THEM.

ps: time for public humiliation. Katie, CiCi could have a dress this cute if you’d only tell me what size to make it….

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