I had a parent meeting last night for D’s school, so I didn’t get to sew much…. but in the a.m., while D was at school, I made these pants.

These are C’s old pants… (I’m actually not sure what was wrong with them, but they were in my refashion pile, so…uh…. I *hope* I was allowed to do this!)

here they are now.

I took shirtless photos so the pants would be visible….

(this is how tall he is. in case you were wondering. helpful, right?)

I’m loving the cargo pockets that I was able to keep. or, rather, D is loving the cargo pockets.

I have to tighten the elastic, and then close the hole in the waistband… I used some awesome woodgrain fabric (leftover from a quilt binding)on the inside of the waistband…
this kid is so ridiculously tall…

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