My goal, after KCWC ends, is to master knits. I struggle with them soooooooo very much.

this one was just a 2o minute play dress idea, so I don’t mind (too much) that it’s sloppy.

It’s just a peasant dress, without the sleeves, attached to a shirred circle.

It has pockets, of course. One is zig-zagged on, one straight stitched. just to see which comes out better (still not sure)

the pockets are greatly appreciated.

and I noticed that it’s too long (of course, I didn’t bother hemming it, so it’s good that it’s too long.)

here you can see the collar. just a long strip, sewn into a loop and then I did 5 or 6 (can’t remember, I had the Bean on my lap, so I wasn’t counting) rounds of shirring.

she seems pretty happy with it though…

and that’s all that matters, right?

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