It started Monday. so Monday night, I made these pants for D (from C’s ripped jeans)

(it’s really hard to get a good pic of dark loose jeans on a 4 year old boy.)
yesterday, I made this dress, and wanted to cry and quit the whole thing. It just REEKS of homemade.

PLUS, to add insult to injury, look at what happened to my rolled hem when it came out of the laundry:

so gross!

Today was better though. C needed to film the kids at the Long Beach Aquarium this afternoon, so I got some sewing time in. This is a knock-off of a super cute Tea Collection dress that one of D’s friends wore, and I LOVED.

so I borrowed hers, and made this one from some of my Gram’s fabric…
it’s WAY too big for The Bean (she’s usually an 18m, still, and this is a 4T), but she looks so cute in it!

I used the fabric flower tute on Collette Pattern’s Blog, to cover an age spot (discovered after already having cut and sewn the whole thing) on the fabric, and to differentiate between front and back, because otherwise it’s totally reversible.

the neckline has elastic in it, and the empire waist is shirred.

it might be too long, but it can always be hemmed, obvi…. I’ll cut into the good fabric after I know if this fits.

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  1. The second dress came out super cute! I'm hoping to make some little boy jeans from big jeans later this week – after seeing yours – I feel inspired!

  2. the butterflies are still cute! i don't think "looking" homemade is a bad thing. I've seen things from the store that look worse. I think it just looks worn already, which isn't a bad thing!

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