I was trying to get my husband to stop taking pictures of the silly children and take a picture of my new shirt before he left on a week-long business trip (to Vegas, to work for Showtime, filming Manny Pacquiao. cause he’s cool like that). Awesome. he caught me scolding him.

I’m sorta smiling, even though it’s a blurry pic….
I like the shaping added by the center back seam. I did french seams throughout. I think it’s nicer on lightweight (fragile) fabrics like voile and Swiss Dot
of course, D snuck in to MANY of the pictures.
I love flutter sleeves. also love Swiss Dot, the color  red, Anna Maria Horner, and sewing, so this shirt is perfect.
even if my ironing is NOT. oh well, at least the sewing is good. I can always re-iron.
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