Because I have NO idea why photos won’t publish. things look all good, I’m going from google’s Picasa to google’s bogger, so it’s not like it should be super complicated, but sometimes, I get broken pictures and have NO clue what to do.

so here’s a picture of my door.
isn’t it pretty? The color change has made a huge difference!
Although, because it is darker, both C and I have had flashes of panic upon returning home, thinking we left the door open, before we remember that the closed door looks dark now.

Something is up with my right hand/wrist/arm, it hurts like the dickens when I try to hold things (like knitting needles, or dirty dishes), so I’m taking it easy right now…. no knitting of easter bunnies, or socks, or chrocheted blankets, or embroidery, or even washing dirty dishes (sorry, C, but I tried today, and felt shooting pain, and almost dropped the glass, so that’s out now too), and hoping that if I rest my arm for a few days, (with the Ace bandage borrowed from my dad), I’ll get all better and be back to regular… we’ll see…. theoretically I could sew, but I’m feeling burnt out right now… I was sewing while I was sick, pushing myself to meet self-imposed deadlines, and now that those deadlines have been met, I just feel like curling up with a good book (found at the library, judged by the cover, LOVING it!), and falling asleep with the kitties around me.

hopefully I’ll get my mojo back in time for the Sew this weekend, assuming C isn’t totally swamped at work all weekend.

btw, do any of you use pinterest? I love it so much, please let me know if you want an invite, and please feel free to follow me on pinterest… I pin stuff constantly.