I saw this post about Rae’s old house yesterday, and realized that I really really really wanted to paint our front door

We had to go to Lowe’s this morning anyway, to do the kids clinic (they LOVE it), so I bought a little thing of exterior paint in the PERFECT shade of blue “Valspar Vintage Teal”) I HATE the color of our house (beige). but it was painted RIGHT before we bought it, and it’s too expensive to repaint it JUST for color, so we haven’t even talked about it…. but just painting the DOOR is totally cheap, and I think it made a HUGE difference. 

Remember this wreath? isn’t it SO much prettier on this nice door? It took my WONDERFUL husband about 3 hours of sanding to get off all the layers of old ugly paint, but we have wood grain now, and blue, and I’m in HEAVEN. He spackled the old holes in it too… and we covered the non-working doorbell hole and painted over that too, so now our entrance is SO much nicer. I really want to find an old, cool doorknocker now…. something totally awesome and vintage….