I ordered some yarn last week, to make a birthday present for C’s grandma, who loves bunnies, and it came in the most brilliant bag ever:

package envelope front
LOOK! a free pattern!

isn’t that neat! I have no intention of either knitting or crocheting that scarf, but I think it’s a pretty cool shipping idea. I totally want to order more stuff, just to see if I get the same pattern, or if there are several… hmmm. must get rich so I can order unlimited yarns….


I’m finally finishing up the play pants pattern (just in time, since I’m teaching the class at Sew Modern on Thursday!), so I pulled out some of my grandma’s fabric, just to test out the final patterns one more time. I didn’t bother hemming, as I just wanted to make sure everything went together smoothly (it did! yay!)…

contrast stitching?

If I have any of this blue leftover, after I make 2-6T samples, I am TOTALLY going to make some matching tunic tops, so the kids can play doctor (that sounds dirty, but don’t these look like little scrubs? it’s JUST the same shade of blue, no wonder my gram never used it!)

and last, but not least, here’s a sorta-wonky square-in-a-square block for my 1st Wednesday bee…
wonky is REALLY hard for me. I think I just have problems with the trimming and wasting of excess fabric. I know it’s minimal in the long run, but I use every little bit of fabric I can, (which is why fabric is slowly taking over my house), and it’s just HARD. I’m trying to get over it though, and LOVED how easy/graphic/happy this block was. Hopefully the recipient will like it!