First of all, I want to apologize for my pity party last week. I get so excited, and then I feel pressured to DO everything I want to do. but I need to remind myself that I’m not competing for anything, or meeting externally imposed deadlines, or even earning moola, it’s just for FUN. right?
SO, since my plate of fun isn’t full enough, I’ve decided I really want to make books. I LOVE BOOKS. like, A LOT.
front cover. I need to decide on velcro or a button and twine for a closure,
 as my finger is not going with the book.
I’ve tried kits to make books, and I’ve played around with online tutes, and I have never really felt comfy with anything. and then at the library, last week, I FOUND THIS BOOK. (I really really would like my own copy, if anyone out there wants to buy me a present.)
open to the first page. see the cover? it’s fused newspaper delivery bags. cool, huh?
Things I love: clear instructions, plenty of pictures, and the best attitude EVER.
STITCHING! it’s sorta hard to see white thread on white paper,
but feel free to admire it anyway.

I’ve gotten bookmaking books (from the library) before, and they all tell you you need all sorts of fancy stuff, and that’s awesome, but it’s TOTALLY not in my budget. so then, I try to fake it, and the result is. um, well, it looks like I couldn’t afford the fancy stuff. BOO

the view from above. see all those packets of paper?
book binders call them “signatures.” now you know.

THIS book is all about making cool things from your recycle bin, so if you don’t have the right things on hand for one project, you’re sure to be able to make something else. with the things you have on hand (assuming you have something flat and hard (like a bone folder or a butter knife) and something sharp (like an awl or a skinny nail or a sewing needle), and paper and thread (although I DID find linen bookbinding thread today at a local indie art store called Walsers. very cool)

SPINE! with pretty thread stitches showing. 

so here’s the “shopper’s joy” book, the first of MANY I’m planning to make.