leather wasp bag glamor shots

I made m hubs pull out the lights and seamless backdrop last weekend to take pictures of my bag…

I love it even more now that it has a clasp at the top…

sewing all this leather was really hard for my regular sewing machine, but super easy for my industrial machine… but I had to get size TWENTY(20!) needles to sew it. the sewing machine dude i bought them from likened them to nails. and he’s right.

something interesting I learned: there are leather needles for a home sewing machine, but NOT for an industrial. I was confused, but it makes more sense if you think of it in the opposite way: an industrial machine is so strong, it doesn’t NEED leather needles, but they invented leather needles for home sewing….

the inside has a pen pocket on one side, and a zip pocket on the other…

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