I’ve finished sewing this little puppy up.

it measures in at a whopping 12.5″ x 13.5″ so… yeah, lots of little squares (they’re all about .5″ square…my math must be way off though, bc in my head that means 700 squares, and that can’t be right, can it?)

i love the way the back looks

mostly i love cheater-stuff. this quilt grid stuff is super cool sometimes… hopefully it’ll make a good cover for one of my machines…. I’m thinkin my industrial deserves some love….

given that I’m completely insane, I bought another box o’ dinosaur nuggets for the kiddos, because dino boxes are PERFECT to use as ironing templates when making 396 more squares of cathedral windows. b/c C and I agree that the current quilt is too small. …
so here’s the stack, 6 more yards of Kona Expresso have been chopped into 9″ (or slightly larger) blocks, and the ironing has commenced…. I’ve started using starch on the blocks, i think it makes the ironing more precise….
oh, and I’m using my Silhouette to cut up 128 arcs so I can make a pickledish quilt. it’s totally calling my name.