Are you ready for the big reveal?

 isn’t it amazing that just yesterday there was utter hideousness? (gotta love old sheets donated by my gram. big and free)

(baby feet added for scale)
I totally need to add a buckle or snap to the outer pocket, but I didn’t want to waste hardware on a tester….
see how well a phone fits in the pocket?
I could use this side pocket instead. It’s got an elasticized top, so the phone won’t fall out….
I accidentally cut the elastic really short, so it’s a TIGHT pocket.
here’s the inside of the bag, from the side. see the roominess? see the zip pocket? 

here’s a view of the inside of the bag with a large pocket (for cell phone? pens? and a key fob (with caribiner instead, since I didn’t want to waste hardware)

and the other side, with zip pocket. the pocket is a little too close to the top, so I’ll move it for next time.

There’s plenty of room for all my stuff (wallet, notebook, knitting, trailmix) plus the inevitable doll or small cars…
but it’s NOT BIG ENOUGH FOR DIAPERS (ok, beanie?). LOOOOOVE it.

I’m so excited! I actually dreamed about this bag last night.
I’m just gonna use this one for a few days so I can make sure I don’t have any other changes, and then… (dun dun DUN….) LEATHER time!