Jamie, of Bricolage and Butter, went on the guild retreat, and showed us how to make these super fast, easy, cleanly-finished, all-around-awesome project bags….

So I came home and made a few more…. easy, from fat quarters, one for the boy, with outer space, and one for me, for my knitting… which is thanks to Lori, another guild member…. I’m trying to relearn how to Continental Knit, because it’s better, ergonomically, but it’s REALLY hard to break my muscle memory, and I’m not sure it’s worth it…. I think I need to make something that’s just simple knit in the round (like another pair of diaper soakers for the Bean), so I can really get up to speed…..)
we’ll see how I stick to it….

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  1. I love these project bags! I made one two weeks ago for Annamarie to stash some of her gymnastics equipment. It only took about an hour, and it is so cute! Now I want to make more, just because.

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