her dress matches her cellphone. of course. It’s amazing how much fabric can influence the look of the dress… This dress is the same as THIS DRESS, but the pink one looks way vintage, and I think this one looks super modern, but still childish, which was the goal…

this is more fabric from Sew Modern… The bean is starting to ask for PINK everything, so I showed her this peacock print, and she got excited even though it’s not pink. I like pink, but she can’t JUST have pink. It was great to work with these bright colors. so fun!

it’s mostly a vintage pattern, Simplicity 1530, but the yoke pieces were missing, and the sleeve was torn, so I had to draft most of it… and the directions were so faded I couldn’t read them, so I just looked at a few of the pictures….
I’m pretty psyched about the finished product though….
(oh, and her pants are the sleeves from my old stained shirt!) 

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