Aren’t these FUNKY?

they’re not lightweight cotton, they’re more like almost a canvas weave, but with this awesome frog print…. D saw the fabric at Sew Modern and asked for them, and I figure you can only wear frog pants for so long in your life, ya know?

obviously D needed pockets to store his toys, so I used some dark blue scrap twill to make some patch pockets… and then I used some red chambray to whip out a tester pair of pants in an 18m size

I think they look so sweet together, I can’t wait to take pics of them ON my kiddos. (The Bean isn’t an 18m, but she can wear them. she’s a 12m waist and a 2t length, so nothing really fits her, which is why I sew)
(not that D’s a standard size either. he’s a size 8 chest, 10 shirt length, 5 waist, 7 hips, and 6 inseam. WHAT?)

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