Hey, GUESS WHAT!?!?!

(front view bove, back view below)
on Wednesday, March 2 (like, in a week and a half), from 6-8pm, I’m teaching a pants class at Sew Modern

I’m super excited, because pants for babys and little kids are REALLY easy and fast to sew up, and make great gifts for birthdays, etc, as well as being awesome for your own kiddos. My son refuses to wear store bought pants, because they are “itchy” (either from tags, velcro, or, who knows what, but he LOVES all the pants I made for him). These pants will be a great into to sewing for any intrepid seamstress, it’s the perfect first project, and for the price of one pair of fancy boutique pants, you can learn to make personalized play pants for all the littles in your life (the techniques learned are also applicable to grown-up lounge pants)

call the store if you are interested in taking this fun and easy pants class, and feel free to let me know specific sizes you are interested in, as right now I’m drafting sizes to fit from Newborn all the way to 6, but I can go higher! (I’m also going to provide tips for adjusting the pattern to fit your kiddo’s body type/diaper….)
I’m also MADLY in love with this helicopter print, and as soon as I finish making D the froggy pants he’s requested, I’m totally buying some helicopter print. or maybe the coordinating car print. ACK, SO MANY AWESOME CHOICES!

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  1. i love making pants for my kids!
    yours are adorable and inspire me to make a few for our new baby… he hasnt gotten any handmade clothes from me yet… why? im not sure…. hmmm.
    thanks for the inspiration, though!

  2. Cam would love those pants! I am thinking I might need to learn how to make him some because we have such a hard time finding pants that fit in the waist without being too big everywhere else. The only problem is I have only made receiving blankets and burp cloths so I am a bit intimidated to try pants! Loved D's frog pants btw!

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