So it turns out my husbands dream store (a local home brew/craft beer supply store) is on the block behind my favorite fabric store (Momen +, in Torrance) or, rather, my old fave, because now my fellow LAMQGer has her own store, Sew Modern, in LA by the Westside Pavilion, and it’s AWESOME!…
anyway, so my hubs wanted to go to his store, so of COURSE we also had to go to Momen +, and C saw a cute little long-sleeved peasant dress, and told me he liked it. so I bought the fabric, (it’s just a peasant dress, so I don’t need a pattern), and whipped this little puppy out last night.
cute, huh?
the Bean really likes the kangaroo pocket, I think I need to do more of those. so easy.

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it’s a little long, but she’s been falling and scraping her knees a lot lately (growth spurt?), so I wanted them covered for now…

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