aren’t they SOOOO awesome!?!?!?!?

it’s funny, I decided to do them after I saw these, but I don’t have any pink, so I used yellow (the bean’s other favorite color, and a color I don’t particularly like, so I don’t mind using up the skein), and they totally reminded me vaguely of Rainbow Brite, but I was too lazy to look her up to see if it was actually like her…. and then as I’ve worked on them, other people have mentioned the Rainbow Brite similarity, so I was a little bummed that I’d unknowingly copied Rainbow Bright, but then today I looked her up, and, dude, her pants aren’t NEARLY as cool as these. so there.

I totally made up the skirt part, and I love it. The ruffles have a LOT of body, obvi, so they BOUNCE when she walks. it’s so super cute.

I’ll make the Dude get pics of her in them tomorrow. but I couldn’t wait to post, because they’re done, and they’re cute.
(oh, and to give credit where credit is due, I sort of followed this tutorial to do a crocheted bobble border on the skirt, but I totally didn’t really follow the directions, so I don’t know exactly what I did, so… wow, I’m babbling.)

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