I stitched up this gnome for D a while ago, but he asked me for a blanket and pillow for his little gnomy.
LUCKILY, I won a small charm pack from the fabric designer right around the same time, so I sewed up all the little squares (perfect 25 of them), backed them with D’s favorite print, bound them with wood grain print left over from C’s quilt (that D stole), and then D and I quilted it together.

The Bean totally wants one too, but I don’t have any more of this fabric, and I’m assuming that D will get bored of it rather quickly, and then she can have it. she covets it greatly… (she has a small gnome, the 2nd smallest of the panels, and she has multiple doll quilts and pillows already)

here’s the back, you can see the binding, which he loves.

and here’s the front… it was really hard to figure out how to quilt them, quickly, and not make it look super girly… I think the layout sort of makes the pink blend, instead of being as girly as it could be…
D drew all the quilting lines for me; I held the ruler for some of them, and he traced on either side, “to make a road for his cars to drive on,” and he also drew a circle (sorta, I mean, come on, he’s 4) all around it, so the cars would have a track…

so some of my “uh-oh, is it too girly” worry was CLEARLY unneccessary….

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