Ok, so I didn’t get anything done this morning, as it was my first day as a working parent at D’s co-op preschool. AMAZING!
and then, when D was in a snit this afternoon, the Bean and I sewed this up, (I’m pretty proud of it, and of the effort/pleasure ratio)…
I totally have my sewing mojo going right now, so as soon as the kiddos fell asleep, I started sewing.
and this is what I made:

doesn’t it just make your head explode at the cuteness????
can’t you just SEE my little Bean in this dress? (with her bright green leggings, as I don’t have enough yellow to make matching bloomers) (UPDATE! click the link to see the photoshoot with matching doll dress!)

this print is a pillowcase (35% polyester, ICK, but TOTALLY worth it for the colors and print!) from my AWESOME grandmother (Hi Gram!), and I love love love it, so it had to be a dress. (Bonus, I cut the dress out so the existing pillowcase hem is the hem of the dress! yay!)
Here’s the back:

I have to confess, I HATE regular zippers, but I don’t have any invisibles on hand that match, and I DID have a regular zipper that sorta matched, so I took a deep breath and did it! yay!
oh, and did you notice the coup de grĂ¢ce for head exploding cuteness?
look at the top, and see what I found when I went through my Gram’s button tin:


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