Ok, so here’s my thought process/a sorta-how to for my blocks for the Bee Lovely bee.

I made the above block for a bird theme bee, and it TOTALLY inspired me!

here’s my current idea….

I made this as a tester, and I LOVE IT!

here’s the back!
I used the 6-minute circle technique (Thanks to Latifah for teaching our guild about it!) for the inner 3, but the outer circle was just appliqued, and I like both….

I’d also be ok with raw edge applique….
so my goal is to have everyone make me feathers….
I’ve sent everyone some freezer paper:
…and some fabrics:

PLEASE feel free to IMPROVISE techniques, or do whatever works for you, but I’d love feathers back, in various sizes and shapes….

(I’m having uploading problems, so I don’t have pics for this part)
My technique is as follows:
*draw shapes on freezer paper (center is roughly bean-shaped, turquoise is round, brown is egg-ish, and green is a pointy oval)
*cut along the lines, making 3 oddly shaped donuts and a center bean
*iron the shiny side of the freezer paper to the back of the fabric
*trim the fabric to 1/4″-1/2″ seam allowances, and clip the seam allowance inside the circle so you can iron the seam allowance to the back
*place the inner layer on or under the next layer, and sew, in any way, with any thread, to make the feather….
hopefully I’ll get better pics tomorrow