I had a very miffed kitty cat who was completely unwilling to move or help in any way, but she didn't mind when I put pieces on top of her, so… fine, be that way, Tisa!
Despite all my counting, I somehow wound up with the wrong # of blocks. I wanted 66…. 64 for an 8×8 throw quilt, and 2 for a coordinating pillow case, but somehow I wound up with 76. So it'll be an 8×9 quilt with 4 squares on a pillow. Weird.
I'm so madly in love with this that if I don't get gift it immediately, I'm afraid it'll stay here forever.
But it wasn't TOO terrible to make, and the end result is SO worth it!!!
I used old phone book pages for my foundation paper, and it worked very well. I have about 300 more pages, probably, already cut into squares, plus, of course, about a dozen other old phone books that I COULD cut up, so I HAVE to make more, right?