This weekend we’ll be at a birthday party for two little boys who are the same age as D…

we haven’t done too many playdates with them, so I’m not sure of their personal wishlists… I decided to make them some of D’s current favorite mama-made item: SNACK BAGS!

But snack bags look so little… so D and I and the Bean made a trip to Momen (of course), and bought some yummy boy fabric. not super matchy matchy, but hopefully close enough that either they will immediately choose one or the other based on personalities, or at least they won’t fight over who gets the ____ one….

we made smallish bags that can hold a lunch, or just hold a bunch of toys….

inside each bag can be found 3 snack bags…

a small robot-print (top), a large car-print (bottom left), and a large robot print (bottom right).

the thing D loves about them is their snap-ability, so all of them have measuring-tape-closures….

I’m in love! (luckily, at the fabric store, D specified that HE wanted some too, so we got enough fabric to make some for ourselves!)