One of my besties from high school is getting married on Saturday…. We haven’t been awesome about hanging out regularly, even though we live in roughly the same city… Anyway, I didn’t have the time/design input to make her a big gift, so I’m doing the unusual (for me) buying of gifts… (I’d forgotten about registries…)… anyway, on their wedding website, the adorable couple said:

But do not be afraid ye who venture now

to get us some wedding-type stuff!

Yea, for there is plenty more we need so as not to be filthy, hungry, uncouth people (or at least not any more than the standard musician)

We’re also registered at the great and powerful Macy’s!

Please visit the registry section for some creative, and not-so-creative but necessary ideas.,

Or yes, your grandmother’s old Christmas coasters will also be acceptable.

My Grandmother has no old Xmas coasters, so far as I know, but I decided it was too good an opportunity to pass up, considering I have plenty of white and green yarn…

I only made 4, as more would take this beyond a joke into an uncomfortable place…. it’s 930 at night, so no natural light, but the dark color is a very xmas-y green… I couldn’t find any red! boo.

anyway, hopefully they’ll be laughed at, and the registry gift will be appreciated…