… When you unravel a knit, you are frogging it. (I miss having access to the OED, I’d love to know the origin of the phrase)…
I’ve made good progress on these fair isle BUTTerfly pants, but I’m going to start unravelling/frogging now. I put in a whole extra inch of blank space below the waist ribbing, and a border on top, and that’s just added WAY too much length. My tiny bean could pull these up to her armpits if I keep going!Hence: ribbit, ribbit/rip it, rip it. I will frog.

isn’t the butterfly pretty though?!?!?!?

that’s the front, with a basic but pleasing diagonal pattern…

here’s the inside of the diagonal front…

and the inside of the butterfly. I LOVE the inside… it looks so pretty!

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