C liked the idea of just one big butterfly (BUTTerfly?)…

and used his photoshop skills to lay a light image over some graph paper made to the gauge of my knitting…
so above is the chart of my big butterfly.

And here’s what I’ve got so far:

(BACK: that’s the center decorative heart and the tops of the wings of the butterfly on each side)

(FRONT: just mirrored diagonal lines…. so far, at least. I might decide to make them diamond shaped, but I really like the simplicity of the diagonals to contrast with the lacy butterfly)

(the INSIDE!) I’m super psyched about how cool the inside looks.

I totally lost track of time tonight while working on this/listening to Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell on my phone…. so fun!

I watched the videos on Knitting Help to learn how to actually DO 2 colors, and The Complete Guide to Needlework (I LOOOOOVE this book, and have taught myself how to do everything from here).