I went to the Long Beach International Quilt Festival last night, for preview night, and came home with some awesome goodies. (I’ll show them in a different post)

the COOLEST thing I found, though, was this pattern. I bought the pattern and the kit, in colors for my MIL (xmas is only 5 months away!)…

the Bean immediately stole it and filled it. (hence the froggie and rattle inside)

it uses bits of a metal measuring tape to make the hinge! soooo cool!

I’m a huge fan, plus, it took longer to cut than to sew up!
Gotta love fast and easy and cool, right?

clearly, everyone is going to be getting a bag for xmas.

(BTW, the pattern is HORRIBLY written, so I can’t really recommend it, but the IDEA is awesome, so, maybe it’s worth it?)