k, I’m in 3 bees right now, and I’m falling behind! I totally need to get cracking on July’s blocks! I DID finish my june blocks in time, and got them out the door by the 28th of June…. so the delay is not me slacking in sewing, but in posting… oh well…

a “confetti” block (on kona raisin)

for a siggy block she asked for a smaller block with our personal favorites added… I used scraps from the Bean’s reversible dress, my new bag, C’s quilt, and C’s shirt… I love them all, and they make me happy….

here’s an indian hatchet block, and a small, embroidered (by machine) siggy block to go with it…
I still haven’t done the blocks for the 3rd bee, because I am a horrible daughter (it was my mom’s month, so I know she’ll forgive me if I’m late!)

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