here’s the finished product

a friend from when I did Stroller Strides just had twins, and to celebrate their first 100 days (a Korean tradition?), they had a lovely little party… I made these coordinated blankets for the little ones…
blue for Bennet
pink for Brooke….
I had the ruffle fabric and the minkee backing in my stash already, so all I had to do was get coordinating B&W fabric for the top…. C did the lettering design for me, so then it was just a matter of blanket stitching all the letters down, using my ruffle foot to attach them, and sewing it up… two big (45″ squares) blankets in about 4 hours of work!
the back is super awesomely soft light blue minkee (the pink trim has flecks of baby blue, so it matches, I swear!), which I also used at xmas time to make scoodies…
here’s a close-up of part of Brooke’s name
and of Bennets…
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