Hey Little Bean, who’s that on your dress?

Oh my! the three little pigs?
they’re PINK! But you’d better watch out, ’cause here comes:

it even looks good SOAKING WET!
(I’m so proud of this dress! I used the pattern from the Warhol dress on MADE, but I had to draft a size in between the sizes Dana made so it would fit the Bean. then I created the pig and wolf appliqu├ęs, which are both fabric and thread painted, and sewed them on. LOVE THEM! and, luckily, so does the Bean!)

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  1. Ramona, you just continue to outdo yourself! This is super cute! I would love to see the appliques – they are so cute!

  2. She won't take it off (I even had to take it straight out of the washing machine and put it on her wet…. I'll try to get better pics of the appliques soon, or will sneak it out of the house to bring to the next meeting…

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