That should be a book or a blog or something. The topic is probably covered in The Gentle Art of Domesticity…
Anyway, D ripped some holes in the knee of a pair of Mama-made linen pants, so I needed to fix them… I save my scraps, so I *probably* have some of this fabric somewhere, but I wanted to do this quickly before the pants got swallowed by my to-do pile.
So I quickly cut out a car from this cotton-linen blend Echino print, interfaced the back of it (for stability), and blanket stitched the patch centered over the holes.
It took about 15 minutes to do (with help from the 20mo who sat on my lap and who thinks pushing buttons on my machine is great fun. So I guess I killed two birds with one stone: D got fixed pants, and the bean got time with mama to talk about color, steal some thread spools, and push buttons on the machine.
Well worth it.