I bought this cowboy panel several months ago, and my dude sort of wistfully mentioned that he’d like a quilt…
so here it is:

and here’s the back…

Friday was our 5th wedding anniversary, which is supposed to be our “wooden” anniversary, so I used a wood grain print (the medium brown used for the sashing and on the back), and the majority of the back is a wicker print my mom found for me.

the batting is pure wool, which was the first time I’ve ever used it, and I LOVE it.

I hand quilted most of it, all but the border, and will post close-ups of that soon…

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  1. CRAZY woman.
    I canNOT believe that you hand quilted that! Seriously. You need to go on Martha Stewart and teach us mere mortals how you balance your life and your addiction to all things needle-and-thread.
    It's awesome, and I'm sure your hubs was pleasantly surprised. :o)
    Happy Anniversary!

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