(I’m finally catching up on blogging all my projects for june)
My mom jusst finished her PhD in education, and is a teacher now, primarily in the junior college system, teaching remedial/esl english classes…
she loves the color red, and she loves fireworks, so the outside of this bag suits her to a t…

the lining, a reminder of what her students here if she lectures them

it’s just the right size for her phone, wallet, pens, etc…

and it’s reversible (the bottom of the Blah blah side is red with large white polkadots)

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  1. I don't think I can be your friend, Ramona. You are just too stinkin' talented for me. Everything you do is flippin' amazing!! And the fact that you can do it with a kid on each knee truly stupifies me. You are inspirational!

  2. you HAVE to be my friend, M, we live too close not to be!!! you're like the only person I know who lives near me and can sew!!! (speaking of which, wanna try having a real old fashioned bee sometime? like, where we sew in a group?)

  3. First, what you and I call sewing MUST mean different things because my stuff looks nothing like yours!!
    I mentioned a sew-along to Kelly, and she's up for it, too. The only problem is these kidlets we've got! We've tried to sew together with our girls in the attached playroom, and not much sewing got done. We are clearly not as talented as you are! :o) So, we're up for it if we could do it on a Saturday, maybe, where our husbands could be in charge of the kids. (My email is on my profile if you want to take this offline.)

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