Isn’t it LOVELY!?!?!? I used laminated linen/cotton, by echino, for the exterior, and the unlaminated echino (in two different prints, a pink and a purple) for the lining and the upper handles (laminate doesn’t feel awesome on bare shoulders)

I made my own piping with crochet cotton in some brown bias tape, because at that point it was 1am, and I really really wanted to finish….

so far my biggest complaint is that the side and front owls are so close to each other… this fabric is so expensive, I was trying to be frugal, not design-wise… live n learn…
the shape is based on an echino pattern, and using echino fabric (all from Momen+), but I don’t read japanese, so I made up the directions, and added pockets, and all the seams are enclosed rather than being visible….
I put a cell phone pocket, and a pens pocket and a key fob on one side, and
I did it in about 5 hours, (9pm-2am) a few weeks ago.
I LOVE it, but have some personal modifications to make for the next one. I need a BIG pocket to hold my sketchbook against the back side, and maybe an exterior pocket, and I DEFINITELY need a zippered pocket to hide things from my daughter…
I’m gonna use Far Far Away II fabrics on the next one, because i LOVE it so much