Jennifer Casa has these patterns for sale on Etsy (LOOOOOVE the strawberry fabric, don’t you?), and since they’re sort-of part of my mission to make the perfect note-pad-y thing for myself, and since D’s birthday is approaching rapidly, I bought the pattern and whipped it up on Sunday while D was playing outside with C and the Bean

the fabric is from Momen+ (of course)

I followed the pattern exactly (but I don’t have any memo pads the right size, will need to make some before I give it to the kiddo)
Since I have so much stiff stuff (it’s like that brown stuff that clipboards are made of… not quite wood) from Lowes (they only had a big sheet that measures 4’x8′, so I’ve got enough for LOTS of projects!), I made another one, sans finished-artwork-pocket, but with elastic to hold a larger pad, and with board backing on the pad side. I didn’t put board on both, but will next time, as I LOVE the stability for a toddler’s ease-of-use…

here’re the two together, my design on the right

and here it is open…

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