I bought 1/2 a yard of this amazingly cute/soft double gauze at Momen a few weeks ago… it’s pinker than this in real life, but is apples with leaves and caterpillars… LOVE it!

Click on magnifying glass to enlarge image

I knew I wanted to do something for the Bean, as she’s really really loving pink and dresses/skirts, but it’s not overly girly, so it makes me happy.

I have a bunch of new fabric for kids clothes, adult shirts, and a skirt for me…. I wanted to make sure everything was pre-shrunk (is that a word? or do I need to rephrase the sentence?), so I threw a bunch of new fabric into the dryer… and the navy dyed it grey…

this stuff is REALLY expensive, like, the most expensive fabric I’ve ever purchased ($20/yd!) (my wedding dress was dupioni silk, but I got it for $6/yd in downtown LA, so this is SIGNIFICANTLY more), but it’s soooo cute!

I decided (possibly sour grapes?) that I actually preferred it this way, and that I could make it totally work and be both girly AND sophisticated, retro AND vintage.

so I made a little pinafore/jumper/whatever-this-cuteness-is-called:

I’ll take better pictures tomorrow, hopefully ON the Bean, but I couldn’t resist blogging it tonight…

I sewed the buttons on, but they can totally be moved, if needed, to make this fit the teeny bean

I found only 2 of these amazingly cool matching pink vintage buttons in a tin my gram gave me, and the dark pink fabric is a scrap, probably a scrap from a remnant, but I am pretty sure it’s from Joanns…