I got a phonebook from my dad’s house a few weeks ago, and finally started tearing it apart… First I ripped out a big chunk, but it didn’t come out neatly, so instead I took out lots of little chunks, 5-15 pages at a time… then I cut them into squares… I’m going to use these squares to make a string quilt! I’m so excited. I LOVE STRING QUILTS!!!!! (don’t you?)
a very dear friend is getting married soon, and he’s one of the snuggliest people I know. What could be better than a snuggly, soft, extra big throw blanket/quilt? I was originally inspired by Anna Marie Horner’s flannels and voiles, but after trekking the kids to 5 (FIVE!) fabric stores yesterday, I gave up and ordered some online. I came home with double gauze, flannel, linen, corduroy, and regular quilting cotton… (I also ordered some dobby dots)
I’m going for mostly greens and blues, but we’ll see what happens…
my husband’s business partner is also getting married soon, so I’m going to make them a quilt too… I’m thinking stripes… of some sort…. not quite sure yet…
supposedly the yellow of the nano iri double gauze in the middle (the large polka dots) is the bride’s favorite color… (if the fabric weren’t so expensive, I’d LIVE in double gauze)… she also likes pink, green and brown….
I think I’ll do lots of solids for them, since I couldn’t find much for them…
not bad though, for shopping with 2 babies? I can’t WAIT to start cutting!

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