1323 El Prado Avenue,
Torrance CA 90501

Open Mon-Sat, 10am-6pm

(free sewing classes too!)

I bought several fat quarters (only $2 each!) and several regular quarters, and 1 yd of the owl print, planning on making one side of D’s sunhat from that, but then he wanted trains…

Prices were as expected… obviously more than Joanns, but the quality is SO much better, the prices make sense… on par with a really nice fabric store (like the Cotton Shop in Redondo Beach), but with awesome Japanese fabrics…

It’s a small space, but they really have it full of wonderful stuff…

I ran into Lori, from the LA Modern Quilt Guild… she and her friend were buying loads of Echino prints to make that quilt on the back wall….

they have notions scattered in and around, with random sales, so it’s not necessarily intuitive, where you’ll find stuff, but its SOOOOOOO much fun to browse! I’m sure they have a logic to their store organization, but it’s all so very beautiful, I was perfectly happy to float from section to section and be surprised…. (the pic above shows some amazingly gorgeous sashiko prints)

at the end of the hallway here (which is lined with the ridiculously cute Japanese ribbon trims and bias and other awesome stuff like that), they have a classroom with oodles of sample bags, and there is a full bookshelf of Japanese craft/sewing books and patterns…. They have tons of felt toys/magnets/decorations/bags for sale as kits, too….

AND the people were super-duper-ooper-smuper (as D would say) nice, AND it’s located next to an awesome bakery (Torrance Bakery), AND just past that is a park!


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  1. I have that owl design as the desktop back ground on my lap top at home! Obsessed with Owls. I'm going to that place immediately if not sooner.

  2. OMG Kaitlyn, it's SOOOOOOO wonderful! there were at least 10 different owl prints, D chose the one we bought, because I totally couldn't choose… it's the best fabric store I've ever been in!
    btw, you need to update your reviews! I loved Elsewhere, and need more please!

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