Murch, who lived down the hall from me senior year, and was a Whiff with C, and his lovely wife, Susan, are having a baby!
They were married just months after us, and I made them a quilt for their wedding….
When I found out they were having a baby, I waited and waited to find out the gender (GIRL!) and then searched through all my old scraps, and found some strips of blocks from their wedding quilt…
I added those strips to some juvenile print (animals in purples, blue and yellow), and here’s what I came up with:

In the time it took to go get the camera, a kitty found it.

I really like the contrast, and I think it’ll be neat to coordinate with the grownup quilt (which was a fence rails design)

lots of long straight lines…

the back is just a square of vintage-y striped cotton…

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