I got on Craft Gossip AGAIN! (3rd time!)

I know it’s not the hugest deal in the world, but it is to me…
There are lots of super talented people out there who use their talent to support themselves, and have/make the time to make their hobbies lucrative… I’m not one of those…. I love playing, and I think I have occasional flashes of brilliance, so I’m THRILLED when other people agree.
And it makes my heart race and I just want to shout to the rooftops that I came up with something super cool.
I guess that’s why I sew/crochet/knit/embroider/applique…. I have the freedom to experiment and play and discover and enjoy all sorts of different things, and I get to CREATE on a daily basis…
I went to a meeting of the Los Angeles Modern Quilt Guild this past Monday, and one of the speakers made a distinction (that I may or may not agree with) between “craft” and “art.” My understanding of her distinction is that “craft” is the ability to make something well (i.e., follow a pattern and make those perfect scant 1/4″ seams) while “art” is the creation of something unique (i.e., improvisational piecing a quilt).
I’m not sure I totally agree, I think there can be a lot of art/creation when following a pattern, (color, fabric, scale, etc, for example), but I do get that little extra buzz of excitement when I create something all the way, start to finish.
I think that’s why I don’t want to sell anything (not like anyone’s banging down my door trying to buy!)…
I want everyone to create on their own… (I’m thinking specifically of the appliqued shirts I’ve been making for my boy recently… Why buy someone else’s wonky designs when you can make your own? I’m certainly not a gifted artist, but I *can* satisfy a 3 yo with a simplified tow truck/airplane/cement mixer)
what about y’all? do you think there’s a difference between “art” and “craft?” Do you care? Is there anything you’re particularly proud of creating that you want to show off? post links in the comments so everyone can see!